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Ice cream stick class

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Contact Information

Contact : i-Cream Solutions Co., Ltd
Office : +66 (0)2 252 9290
Fax : +66 (0)2 252 9291
Email : info@i-CreamSolutions.com


Ice Cream Stick Class This class is aimed for the experienced ice cream/ gelato makers or whoever love in crafting the frozen dessert products such as ice cream cake. The class is learning for the advanced techniques for applying the new other innovative products beside the ice cream cake. As well, the participants would love the Ice Cream Stick Class if they love the Ice Cream Cake Class !!!
Course outline:

  • Learning how to prepare raw ingredients and advanced ingredients, i.e. gelato or ice cream, for making ice cream stick
  • Preparing the general tools, equipments and relative advanced tools and equipments, e.g. tradition, modern and innovative molds
  • Learning the process of ice cream stick production in each type
  • Decorating technique for each type of ice cream stick
  • Learn how to calculating and pricing the new innovative crafted ice cream stick
  • Do not forget to bring the containers for taking home the in-class production ice cream stick

Teaching materials: Handbook of i-Cream solutions ice cream stick training class, Workshop area with relative equipments and tools including raw materials and gelato
Benefits: the class fee includes teaching material as mentioned above, Apron, lunch and coffee break for the day of the class.

  • Whoever likes in crafting frozen dessert production
  • Professional in the ice cream/gelato business

Recommendation: If the participant is the new beginner of ice cream stick, ice cream or gelato maker, the participant shall be taking ice cream class “” or gelato class “” is recommended. Additionally, if the participant loves this class, they must love the class “” as well is most recommended.
Duration: 1 day class
Timesheet: 9:00 am – 12:00 am / 13:00 pm – 16:00 pm
Timetable: -
Registration Fee: 6,000 THB/ person (limit 8 persons for a class)
Promotion Fee: contact +66 (0)2 252 9290
Registration Booking: Please contact by phone +66 (0)2 252 9290, by e-mail: info@i-creamsolutions.com

  • Chef Kuk
  • Chef Nut & Chef Ploy
  • Ajarn. Paula Kaotien